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  • MOGA Pro Controller
  • MOGA Pro Controller
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MOGA Pro Controller
  • Item #: CPFA000350-01

Unleash the true gaming power of your Bluetooth enabled, Android 2.3+ smartphone or tablet and transform the computer in your pocket into a second gaming console with the full-featured, console style MOGA Pro game controller.

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Key Features
  • Mobile Gaming System includes the rechargeable MOGA Pro Controller, USB Charge Cable, Tablet Stand and the MOGA Pivot App.
  • MOGA PRO Controller has dual analog sticks, directional pad, shoulder buttons, triggers, full-sized grips and illuminated action buttons, plus a built-in rechargeable battery so you'll be ready to play whenever you want!
  • The MOGA Arm secures your Bluetooth-enabled Android 2.3+ device (up to 82mm) to the MOGA Pro Controller.
  • Play games on your mobile device or connect to your TV* to play in your living room! *Requires capable Android device and compatible TV, and may also require additional adapter cable--all sold separately.
  • Bonus! Includes PAC-MANĀ® by Namco.
2 Year Limited Warranty